There is nothing more frustrating than putting all your hard work into maintaining a beautiful lawn only to find it ruined by poor drainage! Drainage issues can quickly cause serious damage to Dayton-area lawns, and at Lawn Plus LLC, we hate to see it! Luckily, our drainage solutions will have your yard looking healthy and beautiful again in no time. However, the faster you identify the problem, the better, so check out these three signs your yard may have poor drainage.

3 Signs of Poor Drainage

1. Standing Water

Perhaps the most obvious sign of poor drainage is water that is not draining! If your yard is too wet to walk on or use for several hours after it rains, you likely have bad drainage. Walking on a wet lawn can cause damage to your grass and trees because soil compaction and standing water itself brings a host of other problems. Your home’s foundation may be in danger of cracks and mold, and standing water can even contribute to the mosquito population. It’s best to deal with standing water as soon as possible.

2. Dying Grass or Trees

As we mentioned above, walking on wet grass can cause soil compaction and lead to dying grass or trees. However, that’s not the only way poor drainage can negatively affect your plants. Most trees, shrubs, and grasses in the Ohio area are not adapted to growing in water-saturated soils and will suffer from root rot and die because of poor drainage. Excess water can also cause soil oxygen levels to decrease and even put your plants at risk of developing dangerous fungi and bacteria.

3. Basement or Crawl Space Flooding

If the drainage in your yard is so bad that your basement is flooding, you definitely need to call a drainage professional right away. Standing water inside your basement can not only cause foundation issues, but it can also significantly damage your possessions. To keep your home safe and dry, be sure to check your crawl space and basement regularly for signs of water damage.

Don’t let drainage issues cause serious damage to your Ohio home. Contact the expert crew at Lawn Plus LLC. for the right drainage solution today at (937) 839-5296. Our goal is to provide our clients with a responsive excavation team that knows how to get the job done correctly, on time, and within budget.