Standing water and drainage issues will not correct themselves. In fact, when left unattended, drainage issues can effectively ruin a yard and cause damage to your home. Don’t settle for a soggy yard. Instead, talk to Lawn Plus LLC about our professional excavation and drainage services. Our excavation contractors will transform your swampy lawn into the perfect outdoor living space.

Lawn Drainage Solutions

Determine the Source

Standing water and drainage issues can be caused by any number of issues. Some of the most common reasons for drainage issues include:

  • Improper grading
  • Structures blocking the flow of water
  • Runoff
  • Damaged or missing gutters
  • Multiple downspouts emptying into one spot
  • Compacted soil

Our excavation contractors have seen it all. They will evaluate your property and determine the cause of the drainage problem.


Once we’ve determined the source of the problem, we will work with you to create an effective drainage solution. Some of the most popular solutions we implement include:

  • Catch basins – A catch basin is designed to help maintain proper drainage by catching debris and diverting water into a drain. The basin is typically located at a low point on the property and connected to a local plumbing system, thereby draining runoff water into the sewage system.
  • Pop-up drains – A pop-up drain is an efficient way to carry water away from a home’s foundation. Essentially, we will dig a trench and attach a flexible hose to the downspout. The hose is attached to an emitter that pops up once the water pressure gets too high, allowing the water to disperse over a larger surface area.
  • French drains – Unlike other drainage systems, French drains do not require an outlet to release water. Instead, French drains are comprised of a large, perforated pipe laid in a gravel trench. Water collects in the pipe and is dispersed along the length of the trench. French drains are commonly used in conjunction with gutters to divert water away from the home.

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No matter the issue, the team at Lawn Plus will find a solution for your lawn’s drainage issues. Our team of expert equipment operators excel at correcting grading issues and erosion control. For expert excavation, land clearing, and drainage services in Dayton and Miami Valley, call (937) 839-5296 or request a free quote now.