Fall is here, and leaves will soon be falling. When it comes to proper lawn care, mulching your leaves instead of raking is very beneficial. Here are some tips on the process from the team at Lawn Plus LLC.

How to Mulch Leaves with a Lawn Mower

Prepare Your Mower

There are many mowers on the market today that have the capacity to mulch. A regular, non-mulching mower can easily be fitted with a serrated blade made specifically for mulching leaves. Neither is necessarily required. Any lawn mower can chop up leaves, however, it can require many passes to get the job done well. No matter what kind of mower you have, get ready by raising the blade or mower height to the highest position. Then, take out the bag used to hold clippings and begin mulching.

Mow as Normal

Continue mowing the grass as if it were any other day, even though this may be the most joyous day of your life since it will be the day you finally escape the monotony of raking. The aim is to shred the leaves into roughly half-inch-wide pieces. Again, depending on the type and amount of leaves, it can require more than one pass to reach the ideal size of shreds. After you’re finished, most of the lawn should be visible thanks to the leaf fragments that are now resting between the grass blades. If neatness is important to you, mulching can still be effective. A passerby might even believe you did rake up the leaves.

Be Sure Grass Is Visible

When the season is at its peak, you might think about mulching leaves once a week to ensure that more than six inches of leaves don’t build up between mowings. Let the mowed, chopped leaves stay in place for a week. The following week, add the bag collector, mow the leaves once more, and then dump the mulched leftovers in a garden bed or in the vicinity of a winter-sensitive plant. When you’re finished, if you look at the shredded leaves that are dispersed around your lawn and you cannot see any grass at all, re-secure the bag to the lawnmower, then cut the grass once again.

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