Termite Control Services

Protecting your home is a top priority, and with good reason. Termites are one pest that damage a home by literally eating their way through its structure. Don’t let that happen. Contact the experts at Lawn Plus LLC by calling (937) 839-5296 and ask about our termite treatment program. We serve Dayton and the surrounding areas of the Miami Valley with lawn care, tree and shrub health, and pest services. As your trusted local lawn health professionals, we also give back to the areas we serve!

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Signs of Termite Activity

Termites tend to leave evidence of their activity, so if you see any of the following signs, be sure to call our termite exterminator sooner rather than later. Quick action will help to limit the damage they inflict.

  • Mud tubes
  • Damaged wood
  • Peeling paint that resembles water damage (especially when you know there has been no leaks)
  • Buckling or damaged wood or laminate floorboards
  • Flying termite swarms or piles of discarded wings left over from swarms

Regular Termite Service Yields the Best Results

To limit the destructive damage that termites inflict, Lawn Plus offers a service that can be renewed each year to achieve termite pest control. After years of experience in the business, we’ve found this protocol to be effective:

  • We install bait stations made with treated wood along the perimeter, usually near the foundation.
  • We strategically place the stations 10 to 15 feet from each other, with a maximum allowance of 20 feet between the stations.
  • In our experience, this protocol eliminates the existing subterranean termite colonies.
  • It also works as a preventative solution to the formation of future colonies.

Hire the Termite Experts

Our Termite Program

At Lawn Plus LLC, our main priority is to make sure home is a safe haven for your family. We offer affordable, flexible services, and we never charge a start-up fee. You’ll also be happy to know we are contract-free.

  • Bait station installation along the perimeter and near foundations
  • Eliminates existing subterranean termite colonies
  • Used as a treatment and preventative solution

Additional Pest Control Services

In addition to termites, we can also help you achieve lawn pest and home pest control for these other destructive nuisances:

  • Carpenter Bees
  • Fleas & Ticks
  • Bed Bugs
  • Many More!

Residential & Commercial Services

Lawn Plus is experienced in excavation and drainage and with clearing land of trees and brush for development. In addition, we have built many athletic fields for schools, churches, communities and other organizations. Learn more about our experience and why you should choose us to work with.

Lawn Plus stands on the front lines of protecting your home with our termite control and other pest treatment plans. Located in West Alexandria, we serve Dayton and nearby areas including Eaton, Kettering, Huber Heights, and Centerville, and areas further south including Cincinnati, Fairfield, Liberty Township, and Springboro. Contact us at (937) 839-5296 today for an appointment.

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“Let a pest be your guest … and it will take your home!”

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