Lawn Insect & Pest Control

Has your lawn become a breeding ground for pests and insects? Defending your yard against lawn pests can feel like a never-ending battle. At Lawn Plus LLC, our services are designed to eliminate bugs and pests from your lawn, as well as prevent them from entering your home.

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Above and Below Ground Insects

In order to eliminate lawn pests, its best to identify the type of insect and consider the insect-control options associated with it. Lawn-damaging insects can be classified as either above ground-feeding or below ground-feeding insects. Insects that feed above ground, like sod webworms and chinch bugs, will chew on grass blades and suck vital plant juices from them, ruining the quality of your lawn. If you see coppery patches in your lawn that resemble drought, you may have an infestation. Lawn pest control involves spraying the surface of your lawn with products that will remain on the blades of grass and not wash off.

Dayton Insect Control

Insects that feed below ground, such as grubs, will devour a lawn’s root system. Additionally, grubs can lead to a problem with birds and small mammals tearing up your yard to feed on the larvae. While a healthy lawn can still sustain itself with four to six grubs per square foot, 10 or more grubs per square foot may cause damage, especially if your lawn is weak. If you see irregular brown spots or have small sections of turf that can be easily pulled back, your lawn may have a grub problem. Effective grub control involves treating below the soil.

What is Perimeter Pest Control?

Minimize your need for interior pest control with services from Lawn Plus LLC. To prevent infestations inside the property, our team offers Perimeter Pest Control for creating a protective barrier around your home. We treat four to six feet of soil around your house as well as two to three feet up the foundation wall. Crawling insects that are the most active in these areas will avoid entering inside the home.

Dayton Perimeter Pest Control

Get Protected With Pest Control

Flea and Tick Control

Even though fleas and ticks are not harmful to lawns, you don’t want to keep them around because they do pose a health threat to your family and pets. Lawn Plus LLC provides tick and flea spray for yards that’s effective throughout the season in Dayton, OH. Keep your family happy and healthy with a simple liquid lawn or tree application to keep the pests away. In addition to protecting your family from fleas and ticks, we also offer mosquito control services.

If you’re looking for a pest control company in Eaton, Xenia, Dayton, or nearby Ohio areas, hire the professionals at Lawn Plus LLC. Call us at (937) 839-5296 to schedule a lawn care evaluation. In addition to lawn pest control, we can also take care of insects feeding on your trees, shrubs, and landscape, including the destructive emerald ash borer.

Not only does Lawn Plus provide excellent services like land clearing, tree stump removal, lawn care, and excavation, but top-notch products as well. We sell and service Ground Logic equipment to keep yards looking their best.