Ground Logic Equipment Sales & Service

The best-looking lawns require the best in lawn equipment. That’s why at Lawn Plus LLC, we provide innovative, top-notch sprayers, spreaders, and other Ground Logic brand equipment in Dayton and throughout Ohio. Call our lawn care professionals at (937) 839-5296 to learn more about our Ground Logic sales, service, parts, and repairs.


Why Ground Logic?

Here at Lawn Plus, we’re proud to be a Ground Logic dealer, but more importantly, we’re proud to be a Ground Logic user. We made the switch to Ground Logic equipment because of how much they benefit our customers. These spreaders and sprayers ensure lawns receive a perfectly distributed, evenly applied amount of fertilizer and weed control every time.

Ground Logic machines are also convenient because they fit through almost any gate or fenced-in area, and they are very easy to maneuver due to their pivot platform. With a 14’ fertilizer spread width and a 10’ spray width, full coverage is easy to achieve, and they also feature a 2.5-gallon fuel system, which means less time filling the tank and more time on the lawn.

New and Used Ground Logic Equipment Sales

Ground Logic equipment is built from 100% stainless steel and utilizes commercial-grade Honda engines and Peerless transmissions. These outstanding machines will stand up to your toughest spreading and spraying demands.

Lawn Plus keeps Ground Logic machines in stock, including the classic Pathfinder Spreader Sprayer Series (Pathfinder and Pathfinder XC), which are still the brand’s most popular machines. We have both new and used machines for sale. If you’re in the market for a ride-on sprayer or a ride-on spreader sprayer, this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Maintenance, Service, and Repairs

  • Like any equipment, Ground Logic machines require routine maintenance to achieve maximum performance. When you purchase a spreader sprayer from Lawn Plus, we’re happy to provide routine maintenance for you using certified parts. From providing oil changes to replacing belts, engine springs, and air filters, we offer all basic maintenance needs.

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  • Ground Logic Service and Repairs

Because Ground Logic machines have Honda engines, at Lawn Plus, we staff a certified Honda Engine Specialist in-house and have mechanics with decades of experience to help with any repair or replacement needs.

All Ground Logic machines come with a one-year warranty on the frame, and a three-year warranty on the Honda engine (new machines only).

Certified Ground Logic Parts

  • As a Ground Logic dealer, Lawn Plus keeps all consumable Ground Logic parts in stock, and any other parts can be ordered quickly.

    • Spray Bars
    • Spray Wands
    • Salt Spreader Baffles
    • Spare Parts Kits

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  • Certified Ground Logic Parts

Equipment Carrier Racks for Sale

Lawn Plus is the creator and manufacturer of our own specially designed carrier racks to securely hold and transport the Ground Logic sprayers and spreaders on the back of a vehicle.

Our carrier racks can easily mount to the rear of any truck with fabrication. Our unique and simple design allows for easy and safe transportation from customer to customer, and technicians will be able to easily load and unload the machines from the rack by using a well-placed ramp.

At Lawn Plus, we are proud to be a Ground Logic dealer in the Dayton, OH area. Contact us online or call (937) 839-5296 to learn more about our Ground Logic sales, service, parts, repairs, and carrier racks. We also provide a full list of services for lawn care, excavation, tree stump removal, land clearing, tree care, insect and pest control, and athletic field design and maintenance.