Shrub & Tree Care Services

Trees and shrubs add beauty to any home, but maintaining the health of these plants is a growing investment that often requires the careful attention of an expert. At Lawn Plus LLC, we have our own certified Arborist and International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) member who has over 30 years of experience in the field. Because of this botanical health service expertise, we are able to provide solutions to the disease and pest problems that may be affecting your trees, shrubs, foliage plants, and flowers. Contact us at (937) 839-5296 to learn more about our company and the organizations we give back to.

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Deep Root Fertilization

When it comes to plants with nutrient deficiencies, our crew has developed a proficient method for increasing your shrubs’ and trees’ resistance to damage. With our vigorous root injection process, our tree care team uses fertilizers that stimulate growth of thriving green plants.

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Customized Plant Health Programs

Our multi-step Plant Health program promotes the long-term health and success of your landscape with 4-6 services throughout the year. The program features applications that protect your landscape from common pests in southwest Ohio, develop stronger and healthier root systems, and suppress diseases commonly seen in the area. Programs are customized for each unique landscape and will vary depending on the type of landscape you have.

  • Round 1 (Early Spring Application)

    Root Mass Feeding

    This application helps enhance the root mass of your plant, tree, or shrub and promotes a healthier, more vigorous appearance. The plant can become stronger and healthier through the root feeding process for the entire year.

  • Round 2 (Late Spring/ Early Summer Application)

    Insect & Disease Control

    This application protects the plant, tree, or shrub from damaging insects and mites. It also helps suppress common landscape disease found in trees and shrubs and establishes the protection your landscape needs for summer conditions in southwest Ohio.

  • Round 3 (Late Summer/Early Fall Application)

    Insect & Disease Control

    The goal is to control late summer and early fall insect and mites, such as cool season and warm season mites, bagworms, and web worms. This application also suppresses any diseases the landscape may be vulnerable to during the summer, while continuing to provide your landscape with the protection it needs as the season turns to fall.

  • Round 4 (Late Fall Application)

    This application is a combination of insect and mite control as well as root mass builder. The treatments promote the health and vigor of tree and shrubs and will also help them store nutrients as they prepare for the cold of winter.

  • Insect & Disease Suppression (2-3 times per year)

    Protects your tree and shrubs from damaging insects and fungal diseases. Because different insect and disease problems become active at various times during the growing season, your specialist will apply additional control treatments as needed to ensure proper protection.

Tree Disease Treatment

We seek the help of a doctor when we’re sick, so wouldn’t trees need the same care from a professional? When you need a tree doctor, Lawn Plus will send over a tree specialist who can provide the appropriate disease control that will cure common diseases like the following:

  • Apple Scab
    Caused by a fungus, apple scab can infect the leaves, fruit, stems, and twigs of apple trees. The lesions often appear as grey-brown blotches.
  • Fire Blight
    Fruit trees, like apple and pear trees, are susceptible to fire blight — a disease that over time blackens the surface towards the stems, giving them a scorched appearance.
  • Powdery Mildew
    Appearing as white or gray powdery spots, this type of fungus is one of the most widespread diseases that affects almost all types of trees and shrubs.
  • Anthracnose
    This fungal disease infects deciduous trees and shrubs by causing distorted shapes and brown spots on leaves.

Plant Insect Control

In addition to treating diseases, we also provide insect control that allows us to target common pests while making sure your lawn’s beneficial insects are unaffected. Insects and pests that commonly hurt plant health are bag worms, spider mites, Japanese beetles, and Emerald Ash Borer, to name a few. If you have an uncontrollable insect problem, call us to speak with a shrub and tree specialist.

Dormant Oil Application

Our tree and shrub care services also include a dormant oil application plan, which is a pest-control spray for winterizing trees. For this program, we cover the surface of trees with an oil spray that fights any contamination of pests and diseases. Spraying the oil helps protect foliage from larvae and eggs during the growing season.

Questions about our shrub and tree care services? Call our office at (937) 839-5296 to learn more about our seasonal plant health programs. Located in West Alexandria, Lawn Plus serves Dayton and nearby areas including Eaton, Kettering, Huber Heights, and Centerville, and areas further south including Cincinnati, Fairfield, Liberty Township, and Springboro. Our lawn care programs include seeding, aeration, tree stump removal, fertilization, and other services. We also offer excavation and land clearing services. Remember that at Lawn Plus, we sell and service the same top-notch Ground Logic products we use on a daily basis to keep lawns looking their best.

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