Mole Control

Have you noticed a network of dirt mounds sprouting up across your yard? Does the ground feel spongy and look unsightly? You probably have a mole infestation. Lawn Plus LLC provides very effective home pest control through our mole control program in Dayton and the surrounding areas of the Miami Valley. Contact us today at (937) 839-5296.

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Facts About Moles

Moles are small burrowing insectivores that live underground, digging a system of tunnels in search of food. While moles do help to control insects in your yard, they also can wreak havoc on a perfectly beautiful lawn. Here are some facts about moles:

A 5-ounce mole will consume 45 to 50 pounds of worms and insects each year.

Moles can dig surface tunnels at 18 feet/hour, and must eat every three to five hours.

Moles travel through tunnels at about 80 feet/minute.

In order to breathe underground, moles have twice as much blood as similar sized mammals.

Many homeowners try to take mole control into their own hands and are often unsuccessful. A common misconception of mole control is that limiting insects and grubs (source of food) in your lawn will rid the area of moles. The fact is that earthworms are actually a mole’s primary food source. Also, mole baits, ultrasonic devices, and chemicals like castor oil merely put off your mole problem, forcing them to colonize elsewhere in your lawn, causing more damage. If your lawn has been ruined by moles, our professional team is ready to assist.

Take Mole Control Serious

Proven Lawn Mole Control

The professionals at Lawn Plus understand that mole eradication is a subtle art, which requires knowing how a mole moves through its tunnels and precisely where to place the bait. Our mole control method has proven to be highly effective in both lab and field efficacy studies.

This method involves strategically placing medicated worms that resemble the mole’s favorite food – earthworms – throughout its tunnel system.

Professional Mole Control Programs & Services

The team of experts at Lawn Plus can clear your lawn of pesky moles so you can get back to enjoying the outdoors. Learn more below about our programs that include mole control.

  • Your safety is our top priority
  • Flexible scheduling and programs
  • Affordable services with no contracts
  • No start-up fees
  • Treatment includes baiting active tunnels with medicated worms

*This service is not recommended for families that have dogs who are active diggers or love digging in the lawn. Services dependent on soil temperatures.

Other Pest Control Services

At Lawn Plus, we know that moles are just one bothersome pest you may have to deal with. We also provide effective insect control for other common nuisances:

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If your lawn has been taken over by moles, trust the lawn pest experts at Lawn Plus. Contact our yard mole removal team at (937) 839-5296 to rid your lawn of pesky moles. In addition, our pros at Lawn Plus provide tree and shrub health services, athletic field designs, and excavation contracting in and around Miami Valley. We also sell and service the top-notch products and equipment from Ground Logic that we use.

Located in West Alexandria, we serve Dayton and nearby areas including Eaton, Kettering, Huber Heights, and Centerville, and areas further south including Cincinnati, Fairfield, Liberty Township, and Springboro. Make sure to also check out the local organizations we give back to!

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