Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

At Lawn Plus LLC, our goal is to provide you with a lush, green lawn that’s the talk of the neighborhood. A well-balanced lawn fertilization and weed control program is the key to achieving a thriving lawn. But, knowing the steps to take and what products to use can be tricky. Let the experienced professionals at Lawn Plus take the guesswork out of cultivating a healthy lawn that’s sure to turn heads year round.

Contact us at (937) 839-5296 or read some frequently asked questions for more details on how our lawn care services can help make your lawn beautiful all year round. We also provide tree and shrub care and athletic field design and construction.

The Benefits of Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

Grass, like any other living organism, needs nutrients in order to grow. Most soils lack all of the nutrients necessary for a lawn to be thick and healthy. Annual lawn treatments from Lawn Plus promote a greener turf in the following ways:

  • Fertilizer increases the growth of new leaves and roots.
  • Lawns become more stress resistant and will recover easier from foot traffic and pests.
  • Fewer of those pesky weeds will sprout up in your yard.
  • Fertilizing lawns will replenish any nutrients that were lost to leaching, volatilization, and grass clipping removal.

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Lawn Plus understands that maintaining a well-nourished lawn requires year-round attention, so we’ve developed a lawn health program that involves consistent fertilizing and weed control for lawns from March to December. Moreover, we know that not every lawn in the Miami Valley is the same and individual needs are different, so we tailor our lawn care services to fit your preferences and budget. Below are the steps we take to make your lawn flourish:

Our Annual Lawn Fertilization Program

Early Spring

A well-balanced fertilizer is applied along with pre-emergence for crab grass control. (Applied the second week of March through mid-April)

Late Spring / Early Summer*

Fertilizer is used on your lawn along with broadleaf weed control. (Applied mid-April through mid-May)

Grub Control**

We perform grub and insect control for season-long protection against these pests. (Applied through July)

Fertilizing Lawn Dayton

Late Summer / Early Fall*

Fertilization and broadleaf control will bring your lawn back to its lush, green appearance that may have been lost through the stress of the summer heat. (Applied mid-August to early October)


Fertilization prepares your lawn for the winter and for a quicker green up in the spring. (Applied mid-October to mid-December)

*Please remember we can only control those weeds showing at the time of application.

**Lawn Plus recommends grub control and/or surface insect control on all lawns, as they can cause extensive damage. These pests can especially wreck a lawn under drought conditions.

You can trust that our knowledgeable crew are experts at fertilizing lawns because we make sure to get the job done right the first time. Lawn Plus only uses the best products, which require fewer applications and save you money in the long run, and our team understands the science behind proper lawn care and maintenance. Contact Lawn Plus today at (937) 839-5296 to get the attractive yard you desire, or start fresh with our excavation, tree stump removal, and land clearing services. In addition to lawn fertilizing, we also offer lawn aeration and lawn repair services in Dayton, West Alexandria, Eaton, Cincinnati, and the surrounding communities. Also, we sell the same Ground Logic products the professionals at Lawn Plus use on a daily basis.