Lawn Seeding & Repair

If you’re looking for a company serving Dayton that will turn your patchy lawn into a lush, enviable yard, look no further than the lawn care experts of Lawn Plus LLC. With almost a decade of experience, we consider lawn seeding and repair to be our specialty. Contact us today at (937) 839-5296 to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs for turf management in Dayton.

Lawn Repair Dayton

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Lawn Repair Services

Maybe you have a few small spots in your lawn damaged by insects or disease that need attention. Lawn Plus can easily make minor lawn repairs by spot seeding them. If you have a thin lawn, planting additional seed into the existing lawn (also known as overseeding) can help to thicken it up. We recommend seeding right after aeration so that the new seed can take advantage of the open pockets in the soil.

Weak lawns or yards with significant damage may require slice seeding, which involves making shallow slits in the soil and depositing seed directly into it. This method is the best way to revive a lawn without having to strip the existing sod. The result is a much higher germination rate versus the typical overseeding methods.


As an additional option for homeowners, we offer hydroseeding services throughout the Miami Valley region. Compared to traditional seeding methods, hydroseeding differs because the process doesn’t require the use of straw. Instead, we spray mulch and fertilizer over the ground in a uniform layer. Hydroseeding provides cleaner, quicker results and retains moisture better than dry seeding, so you don’t have the hassle of daily watering after the week of application. Call us at (937) 839-5296 to discuss if hydroseeding is right for your property.

New Lawn Installation

Slice seeding can also be used on new lawns. Have you recently completed construction on a new home and are now in need of lawn installation services? Let the experts at Lawn Plus help you plant that brand-new lawn. Our crew knows what it takes to produce the very best yards in the area. While most lawn companies simply spread seed on top of the ground, we drill our seed directly into the soil. This allows for better distribution and precise depth control over the seeds planted, and ultimately produces a thicker and more abundant lawn. We even handle the design and construction of athletic fields.

Whether it’s seeding a lawn from scratch, performing lawn restoration or turf management, Lawn Plus is committed to providing all customers with exceptional customer service and complete lawn repair, excavation, tree stump removal, and land clearing services. We also offer fertilizing and weed control, as well as tree care and insect and pest control in Dayton, Ohio, and the surrounding communities, including Eaton and Cincinnati, OH. In addition to lawn care service, we sell, service, and stock parts for Ground Logic equipment.

For more details or to schedule a free lawn assessment, contact us at (937) 839-5296. You can also get tips on how to keep your lawn green in between visits from Lawn Plus by reading our seasonal lawn care tips.