Autumn weather is here in Dayton, and families are spending as much time outside as possible before winter hits. Cozy campfires, apple picking, and bumpy hayrides are just a few fun activities that fall has to offer. However, in all the fun that fall brings, don’t forget to make sure that your lawn is also ready for the transition. To help you out this fall, our team at Lawn Plus LLC. has compiled a list of fall maintenance tips to get your lawn prepared for the upcoming cold weather.

Fall Lawn Care Tips

1. Manage Your Leaves

Crunchy fall leaves in beautiful shades of reds and oranges are a big part of the beauty of spending time outside in the fall. However, failure to remove leaves quickly can result in damage to your lawn that you’ll have to remedy in the spring. We recommend either raking the fallen leaves into a pile and removing them, or using your mower to mulch the leaves into tiny pieces to feed your lawn. Also, be sure to remove fallen leaves as soon as possible to avoid dealing with wet leaves.

2. Weed and Feed

Many homeowners don’t realize that fertilizing your lawn is a year-round chore. In fact, fall is actually the best time to fertilize your lawn, as a fall application will deliver essential nutrients for grassroots during the cold season. Fall is also the best time to treat your lawn for weeds so they won’t pop up in the spring when the weather changes again. At Lawn Plus, we’ll tailor your lawn care to find exactly what it needs to help it flourish.

3. Renovate and Repair

Finally, fall is a great time to fix any bare spots you may have in your lawn. Because fall weather typically offers a lot of sun without the hot temperatures, your seeds should have a good opportunity to take root. We recommend overseeding right after a fall aeration so the new seed can take advantage of the open pockets in the soil. This will really thicken up a thin, patchy lawn for next year.

If you’d rather spend your fall days in the pumpkin patch with your family, let the experts at Lawn Plus, LLC handle your fall lawn maintenance. Our experienced team has been improving the health of lawns in the Dayton area since 2005. Contact us today at (937) 839-5296 for a free lawn assessment and to set up services.