Spring is here, and you may already be thinking about all that time you plan to spend outdoors in the coming months. Did you know it’s also time to begin making lawn care plans? If you don’t already have a lawn service, you may want to start thinking about how to keep your lawn healthy and green in the warmer months ahead. One key ingredient to having a healthy lawn is to fertilize it. We at Lawn Plus LLC of Dayton, OH can give you three reasons why lawn fertilization is important.

1. Support existing turf and promote new growth.

Unless you need a completely new lawn, you want to build on the good grass you have! Fertilization helps maintain the healthy parts of your lawn while promoting healthy growth of good, new grasses. Lawns that aren’t fertilized will eventually give way to crabgrass and other lawn pests that can potentially destroy your lawn.

2. Enjoy a greener lawn.

No one wants to be the neighbor with the brown, dry, sad yard. You want soft, lush grass that you (and your bare feet) can enjoy. Proper, professional lawn fertilization promotes the vibrant green hue everyone wants.

3. Avoid stressors of changing seasons.

A properly fertilized lawn better withstands the seasonal extremes. By getting on the right lawn-fertilization schedule, you can make sure your lawn gets just the right nutrients it needs for that time of year. Lawn Plus LLC knows Ohio lawns. Our lawn care service enhances your grass using only high-quality products and careful application. We offer one-time lawn fertilization services as well as lawn care packages that include aeration, seeding, weed control, and more. Contact Lawn Plus LLC at (937) 839-5296 to ask about your lawn fertilization options. Our customer-service team will gladly help you formulate a plan for a fuller, greener lawn in the months ahead.