Spring Lawn CareYes, we’re still looking at a few more weeks of winter here in Ohio. But at Lawn Plus, LLC, we think it’s never too early to start thinking about warm weather and a healthy, green lawn. In fact, winter is the best time of year to start making your lawn-care plan. That way, as soon as the ground starts to thaw, our team can get into action giving you the best lawn possible. As you make your summer lawn care plans, be sure to keep these three points in mind.

1. Let your lawn breathe.

One factor impacting lawn health is aeration. This lawn service provides many benefits, but some of the main ones are a healthier root system and better drainage. Aeration should be done once a year, either in the fall or the spring, in order to maintain maximum lawn health.

2. Feed your grass.

Your Ohio lawn needs a special combination of nutrients in order to withstand the changing weather and be at its best. The best way to get your grass what it needs is by putting it on a regular fertilization schedule. At Lawn Plus, we recommend a five-application fertilization plan that starts in early spring and ends with a winterizer application between mid-October and mid-December.

3. Recognize the need to seed.

If your lawn has been damaged, either by insects or by neglect, and is struggling to thrive, you may need to look into lawn restoration and seeding. Our lawn experts can come to your home to assess whether lawn renovation is needed, and we can work it into your overall lawn-care plan. By utilizing the lawn services offered by Lawn Plus, you can give your Dayton, OH, grass everything it needs to be greener and thicker. Before winter melts away for good, let our staff work with you to develop the right lawn-care plan for your Ohio home. To get started, contact Lawn Plus at (937) 839-5296.   photo credit: public domain via pixabay