Spring is finally here in full force, which means that it’s time to start getting to work making your yard ready for warm weather and backyard barbecues. There’s a lot more that goes into having a spring and summer-ready lawn than just adjusting the lawn mower. Today we have some more Dayton OH lawn care tips to help you cultivate a lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood. Below are some more tips for ensuring your yard is spring-ready from the Dayton OH lawn care specialists of Lawn Plus LLC. Lawn Treatments: Most homeowners know that fertilization and weed control are key steps to revitalize a lawn that’s taken a beating throughout a harsh winter. A lot of homeowners in the Dayton area may notice that their yard’s soil lacks the necessary nutrients it takes to keep a lawn healthy. Scheduling regular lawn treatments with a trusted lawn care professional can ensure lush, vibrant, weed-free grass that will make your home’s exterior look like a work of art. Aerate: Aeration can be an extremely important step to take if you’re watering and fertilizing efforts are having no effect on revitalizing your lawn. Aeration helps create a healthy, robust lawn by creating more space for roots to grow and creates the kind of environment in which earthworms and other decomposers can thrive. It also creates pockets in which rainwater can be easily absorbed instead of running off into storm drains and gutters. Prepare for Pests: Lawn treatments may take care of leafy pests like dandelions, but what about the creepy crawlers that plague Ohio lawns every spring? There are many natural remedies you can employ to keep some pests at bay. The insect and pest control experts of Lawn Plus, however, have been specially trained for dealing with more invasive pests like the emerald ash borer (or EAB). The EAB can completely destroy any ash trees on your property, and most homeowners don’t notice all of the damage until it’s too late and the trees are beyond revival. For lawn care needs any time of the year, you can count on Lawn Plus LLC. Contact us today [/contact] at (937) 839-5296 to find out what the Lawn Plus difference can mean for you and your home. Our seasoned crew of Dayton OH lawn care professionals will be more than happy to help transform your lackluster lawn into the lush, verdant masterpiece you deserve.