If your lawn is thin and patchy, fall is the time to take action. At Lawn Plus LLC, we provide customized lawn seeding and repairs. Our lawn care professionals will assess your lawn’s condition and apply the necessary treatments to give you a lush green lawn next growing season. 

Lawn Seeding

Fall Lawn Seeding

For the best results, we recommend seeding your lawn during the early fall. The moderate temperatures and warm, moist soil conditions encourage seeds to germinate quickly and abundantly. Additionally, there are fewer weeds to attack the lawn during this time. 

Aerate First, Seed Second

To maximize the effectiveness of a fall seeding, we recommend aerating the lawn prior to application. Lawn aeration is the process by which our machines remove soil cores throughout the lawn to reduce compaction and optimize soil health. Aeration allows oxygen, water, and fertilizer to more easily penetrate the soil, providing an ideal environment for new seeds to establish deep, healthy root systems. After aerating the lawn, our technicians will determine which of the following three methods of seeding is best for your lawn.


To achieve a thick, verdant lawn, contact us about overseeding. Overseeding is useful for correcting thin, patchy lawns, and it is also useful for maintaining an already thick, healthy lawn. Essentially, our lawn care professionals will apply seed over the existing grass to thicken it up. We will then fertilize and water the lawn to maximize its growth. 

Slice Seeding

For new or severely damaged lawns, we recommend slice seeding. Our slice seeding equipment creates shallow slits in the soil and deposits seeds directly into the ground. This method ensures good seed-to-soil contact, loosens the soil, and enables the seed to maintain optimum moisture levels. Because of this, slice seeding results in a much higher germination rate than traditional seeding methods.


Additionally, we offer another seeding option called hydroseeding. This option is ideal for those who want to grow grass quickly, and for sloped areas where runoff and erosion are a problem. Hydroseeding involves spraying mulch and fertilizer evenly over the ground after seeding. This provides quicker results and requires less frequent watering to achieve great results.

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