Fall is the ideal time of year to give your lawn a little TLC. At Lawn Plus LLC, we have time and time again seen the benefits of aeration and overseeding in the fall. No matter the condition of your lawn, fall is the perfect time to bring it back to life. Fall Lawn Care Tips

Fall for the Win!

Fall is the best time of year to overseed your lawn and repair any damage that occurred during the summer. The seasonal moisture, cooler weather, and shorter days are ideal for propagating seed germination.  Early spring also offers similar benefits, but we recommend overseeding in the fall. That way, you won’t forget and find yourself with a thin, brown lawn come summer.


To achieve optimal results, we recommend aerating your lawn every fall prior to seeding. Ohio soil is composed primarily of clay, and can become compacted, making it difficult for seeds to germinate. Core aeration involves removing soil cores to reduce compaction so that oxygen, water, and fertilizer can more easily penetrate the soil. Aeration also allows root systems to grow deeper, and allows for better drainage.


After our crew aerates your lawn, we will then overseed and fertilize your grass. Lawns that are not regularly overseeded and fertilized tend to grow old and have difficulty competing with environmental stressors and weeds. Within a few weeks of planting, your new grass should germinate and create a thick, verdant lawn.

Slice Seeding

For lawns that are especially weak or damaged, we recommend slice seeding. Our team of lawn care professionals will utilize top-of-the-line equipment to make shallow slits in the soil and deposit seed directly into the ground. This method ensures good seed-to-soil contact and has a much higher germination rate than typical overseeding methods.

Contact Us for Fall Lawn Care Tips

Whether you need to seed a lawn from scratch, repair some damage, or simply thicken up your grass, Lawn Plus is committed to providing exceptional customer service and great results. To incorporate professional aeration and fertilization into your fall lawn care routine, contact us today at (937) 839-5296.  We also offer complete lawn repair, tree stump removal, and land-clearing services in the Dayton, Ohio, area. https://www.thespruce.com/fall-lawn-overseeding-2152905