We’re getting dangerously close to spring here in Dayton, OH. And as we inch closer to warmer weather, your lawn is going to start needing consistent care. If you haven’t had professional lawn care in the past, allow our team at Lawn Plus LLC to give you five reasons why you may want to consider a lawn-care contract this spring. Spring Lawn Care

1. Peace of mind

You have 1,001 things to do on any given week. Unless you’re just in love with lawn maintenance, it’s likely just a chore on your list. Instead of having one more thing to manage, turn it over to the lawn-care pros who can do it for you. We’ll show up, do our work, and you don’t even have to worry about it.

2. No guesswork

You know that feeling when you go to the home-improvement store and just stare at all the bags of fertilizer? You wonder, “Which one is right for my lawn?” Well, when you hire out your lawn care, we know exactly what to do, and you are set free from making those decisions or doing the research.

3. Customized care

Each lawn is a little different, and your grass may have specific needs that are different from your neighbor down the street. Whether it’s a specific fertilizer or renovation plan, a lawn pro can assess your lawn’s needs and make a detailed plan for how to get it looking its best.

4. Saved time

Are you tired of fertilizing, seeding, and aerating your lawn each year? Well, get all that time back by hiring it done. You can sip your lemonade or go on a bike ride in the evening instead of worrying about weeds.

5. Beautiful lawn

The best part about contracting out your lawn care is that you’re going to have a fantastic looking lawn that’s healthy down to the roots. You can enjoy playing outside or sunning yourself in the soft, green grass on a lazy Sunday afternoon. To get a quote on annual lawn care from Lawn Plus, contact our staff today at (937) 839-5296. We’d be glad to tell you all about our company and our services; we can also schedule a lawn consultation. We serve the greater Dayton and Eaton, OH, areas.