A beautiful lawn comes from a solid lawn care routine. But, weeding, mowing, and fertilizing are not the only things you can do to improve the exterior of your home. Planting flowers does wonders for brightening up your yard. Continue reading for some suggestions on flowers that can be planted in the spring from the team at Lawn Plus LLC.

Flowers to Plant in the Spring


It should come as no surprise that sunflowers require a lot of direct sunshine in order to flourish. Make sure the last frost has passed and the ground is warm to the touch before you start planting them. Continue to plant fresh seeds every two to three weeks to ensure that your sunflowers flourish throughout the spring.


The wait is always well worth it for this flower. Sedum flowers bloom, and as the seasons pass, they continue to change color. Sedum, or stone crop flowers, make a stunning dry centerpiece all year round. Plant in a location where the soil can effectively drain. Again, it is recommended to plant in the spring after the danger of frost has passed. In order to promote the development of new blooms, trim old stems in the spring, as well.


Any garden will shine with these resilient flowers and their vibrant blossoms. They are vivid orange, yellow, and cream in color. For a distinctive appearance, search for variegated varieties and combine the colors. Marigolds can withstand the summer heat and continue to bloom through the winter freezing.


Gladiolus planting should happen as soon as it’s feasible. The first blooms will appear five to eight weeks after the seeds are planted, so you may start sowing seeds as early as February. Just in time for spring to officially begin!


Another great flower that can be planted in the spring is the aster. These flowers require wet soil and some sunlight in order to blossom. To help your asters grow more quickly, add two inches of mulch and compost.

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