Holiday season is in the air! While the cool temperatures may not have lawn care at the forefront of your mind, you likely have been thinking about holiday gift-giving. What better gift could you give to a Dayton, OH home or business owner than the best-looking lawn on the street? Here are some details about our lawn care services.

Seeding & Renovation

A lawn that’s sad and patchy needs some TLC. Lawn Plus LLC of Dayton, Ohio knows what a lawn needs to make it look green, plush, and full of life. Lawns in need of repair may require seeding. Lawn Plus uses a slice-seeding method that carefully cuts small slits in the soil and plants a seed in each slit. We’ve seen great lawn care results with this method.


Sometimes lawns get too compacted and need a little room to breathe. Aeration lawn services systematically removes soil cores from a lawn, allowing much-needed nutrients, water, and fertilizer to get to the grass’s root system.

Fertilization & Weed Control

A little fertilizer goes a long way in giving a lawn that extra boost of vitality. Fertilizer helps lawns grow and thrive by providing needed nutrients. Lawn Plus LLC of Ohio has a fantastic annual lawn-fertilization program that includes regular, season-appropriate lawn treatments from early spring through winter. Check out our Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control page to get more info. Lawn Plus LLC can help you determine what might be a good lawn-care gift this holiday season. Maybe you want to give the annual lawn fertilization package, or perhaps a one-time seeding this spring. Lawn Plus LLC does its best year-round to help our customers reach their lawn goals, so contact us by calling (937) 839-5296.