Summer is in full swing here in Dayton, and a few lawns in your neighborhood may have started looking a little rough. Summertime is a tricky time to keep your lawn looking healthy because of the intense heat and the constant strain put on your lawn from outdoor fun. At Lawn Plus LLC, we certainly don’t want you to stop having fun on your lawn, but we understand how an afternoon spent slip-n-sliding may have turned your lawn into a soggy mess. Keep reading to learn how best to care for your lawn, while also enjoying water toys with your kids.

How to Fix a Soggy Lawn

Dry It Out

If you spent the day playing in a blowup pool, using a slip-n-slide, or even having a water balloon fight, chances are your lawn took a beating. While we love playing in the water in the summer, the extra water can leave you with mud, weak grass roots, and less topsoil. After you’ve cleaned up all the water toys (and picked up all the water balloon pieces), it’s best to let your lawn rest and dry out for at least a day or two. Try to stay off of it completely and let the sun dry out the mess left behind. If you have soggy areas where the sun doesn’t reach, use a broom to lightly brush the water away.

Add Topsoil and Reseed

If the damage to your lawn is extensive enough, you may need to add some soil and reseed it to get it back to its former glory. This is especially true if you used a slip-n-slide. Sand can also help dry out your lawn and firm up the soggy areas. Simply place sand in a spreader and walk over the areas that need a little extra support. The sand will settle in between the grass blades and help build the grass back up. If these techniques fail, you may need professional repairs.

Take These Steps Next Time

Once your lawn has had a chance to heal, take steps to avoid damage in the future. The next time you plan a fun water activity, make sure you use a tarp under inflatable pools or water slides, choose a healthy portion of the grass as your play site, and clear it away as soon as the day is over. The healthier your lawn is, the more resilient it will be during these harsh summer months.

Don’t let the fear of harming your grass keep you from having an awesome summer outside. For more lawn care tips, contact the experts at Lawn Plus LLC today at (937) 839-5296.