There is a reason potential home buyers look for neighborhoods with mature trees and shrubbery. Healthy trees and shrubs are key elements to a beautiful lawn, and the shade they provide is invaluable. So it would be a real shame if the beautiful trees in your Ohio lawn fell victim to a disease or pest infestation, and were no longer able to provide you with shade and beauty. At Lawn Plus LLC., we know you want to keep your trees and shrubs healthy, so we’ve put together a list of tips to follow to keep them healthy all year long.

Keep Your Trees and Shrubs Healthy


It may seem like your trees are self-sufficient, but they need food and nutrients just like all living things in order to grow. At Lawn Plus, we’ve developed a proficient method for increasing your shrubs and trees’ resistance to damage. We use a vigorous root injection process to stimulate the growth of thriving plants.

Invest in Your Landscape

Another way to ensure your trees and shrubs thrive is by investing in them. At Lawn Plus, we recommend our pest control services as well as our customized plant health programs to keep your trees healthy.

  • Pest Control- When it comes to pest management, the aim should be to control the population of unwanted pests in order to limit the amount of damage done. By investing in a pest control program, you will build the health of not only your trees and shrubs but also your soil. 

  • Plant Health Program- Our Plant Health program is a multi-step program that features four to six services throughout the year to promote the long-term health and success of your landscape. The program features applications to develop stronger and healthier root systems and is customized based on the type of landscape you have.

Take Precautions in the Winter Months

Finally, a major mistake that homeowners often make is to neglect their landscape in the winter months. Winter weather can cause damage to your shrubs and trees, so proper precautions need to be taken to avoid bending and breaking branches. We recommend tying the branches together loosely with strips of cloth or coated twine, and making sure your trees and shrubs are properly mulched to help maintain temperature and soil moisture.

At Lawn Plus LLC., we make it our mission to keep your trees and shrubs healthy year-round. For any questions about your shrub and tree care services or to request service for your Dayton area home, contact our office today at (937) 839-5296.