Here in Dayton, OH, we are nearing the end of winter. And while you may think your fruit trees won’t need your attention for a few more months, now is the time to protect them from insects and disease. At Lawn Plus LLC, we offer a dormant oil application plan as part of our shrub and tree care services. A single application of dormant oils during the late winter/early spring will effectively guard your fruit trees against invasive insects.

Dormant Oil Application

Why Use Dormant Oil Spray?

Dormant oil sprays protect your fruit trees and shrubs from invasive insect populations. We recommend scheduling a dormant oil application in late winter/early spring before the buds begin to swell. Investing in this service will not completely eliminate the problem, but it will kill most of the population, making them easier to control in the spring.

How Do Dormant Oils Work?

At the end of winter, our crew will watch the weather and find the right time to apply dormant oils to your trees and shrubs. Essentially, we will spray an oil-based solution on the trunk and branches. This oil suffocates any eggs, larvae, or insects that are lying dormant in the tree or shrub, effectively killing them. 

What Kinds of Plants Benefit from Dormant Oil Application?

Generally, we recommend dormant oil application for the following types of trees and bushes:

  • Apple
  • Crabapple
  • Plum
  • Quince
  • Pear
  • Gooseberry
  • Currant

Dormant oils can be applied to many other kinds of fruit trees and bushes, although these are the kinds most commonly affected by insect damage. Be aware that dormant oils will kill annual flowers, so it is important to cover or transplant them from the area prior to spraying.

Shrub and Tree Care Services

Because we know that fruit trees are not the only plants affected by insects, we also provide insect control services. We target common pests that impede plant growth, like bag worms, spider mites, Japanese beetles, and Emerald Ash Borers, without harming the beneficial insects in your yard. For more information about our shrub and tree care services in Dayton, OH, and surrounding areas, contact our West Alexandria office at (937) 839-5296.