As we transition into fall, now is the perfect time to take certain lawn care steps to ensure a lush lawn next spring. You can start by checking the amount of thatch in your lawn, aerating, and applying topdressing. Each of these three steps will improve the health of your grass. Continue reading to learn more from the experts at Lawn Plus LLC.

Prepare for Fall with These Lawn Care Tips

1. Check the Thatch

A layer of decomposed organic debris close to the soil surface is known as thatch. In addition to damage from drought and cold weather, a coating of thatch that is too thick can result in disease and insect problems. When you overfertilize your lawn or water it too regularly, thatch may start to grow. Turning over a tiny patch of turf with a shovel can reveal any thatch. There is no issue if there is only one inch or less of thatch. If there is more, your grass will benefit from some thatch removal.

2. Aerate the Lawn

Additionally, aeration lessens thatch, enhances drainage, and loosens the soil. The best kind of aerator is a core aerator. By removing soil cores or plugs, core aerators break up thatch and enhance soil structure. The cores are left on top of the turf and gradually break down as a result of rain, mowing, and foot traffic.

3. Apply a Topdressing

Applying a thin coating of soil or compost to your current turf is known as topdressing. By reducing thatch, increasing the amount of organic matter in the soil, minimizing the need for fertilizer, and smoothing out irregularities in the grass, this technique improves growing conditions. Apply a layer of high-quality soil, between a quarter to one-half inch thick, all over the lawn, paying special attention to trouble spots where the grass is bare. Be sure to dethatch or aerate before you apply a topdressing. After that, rake the topdressing into the ground.

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