As the hot, dry days of summer descend on the Miami Valley, you may be tempted to clip your lawn as short as possible. While this may seem practical, it can actually damage your lawn. In fact, keeping your grass a bit longer (2.5-3.5″) has significant health benefits for your lawn. Regular mowing, in conjunction with lawn care services from Lawn Plus LLC, will keep your lawn lush and green all summer long.

 Summer Lawn Care Tips

Longer Grass = Healthier Grass

Do you remember learning about photosynthesis in high school biology? Essentially, leaves absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide to fuel plant growth and release oxygen. Blades of grass are quite literally little leaves; the longer the blade, the more photosynthesis the blades can perform to fuel plant growth and root development. Over time, allowing your grass to grow longer will actually establish a healthier, thicker lawn that requires less maintenance.

Fewer Weeds

As your lawn becomes healthier and better established, it also becomes thicker. Not only is a thicker lawn more attractive, but it is also more weed-resistant. Weeds prefer weak, stressed lawns; dense grass, on the other hand, typically chokes out weeds and prevents them from growing. Additionally, longer grass shades the underlying soil, preventing weed seeds from getting the sunlight needed to sprout. 


Dense lawns are tough and resilient. While long, thick grass still requires water to survive, it is more drought-resistant than shorter grass. Long blades and well-established root systems hold more moisture, allowing the turf to thrive longer without water. This means your lawn will likely stay green in the heat of summer while your neighbors’ lawns turn brown.

Lawn Care Services

Regularly mowing your grass to a longer length will ultimately lead to a healthier, thicker lawn. In the meantime, if your lawn could use a little help, contact Lawn Plus. Our team of lawn care professionals provides a variety of lawn care services, including fertilization and weed control, core aeration services, lawn repair, pest control, and more. To discuss your turf management needs in Dayton and the surrounding areas, call Lawn Plus today at (937) 839-5296.,system%2C%20and%20a%20healthier%20plant.