Spring is finally here in Miami Valley, OH, and in addition to doing your happy dance, you need to take some time to think about your lawn care. At Lawn Plus LLC, we recommend that in order to get beautiful, healthy grass year round that you begin our lawn fertilization program now. lawn fertilization Our program consists of the five fertilization applications spread out throughout the spring, summer, and fall months:
  • Early Spring: Between early March and mid-April, we spread a quality blend of fertilizer and treatment to control the crabgrass. This initial application helps give your grass the start it needs.
  • Late Spring: The second fertilization application takes place between mid-April and mid-May and is specially formulated for broadleaf control.
  • Early Summer: Just as things heat up, our team applies your July fertilizer along with grub and insect control that helps keep these pests at bay throughout the summer.
  • Late Summer: Between mid-August and early October, it’s time to help your grass recover from the stress of summer heat. We apply fertilizer along with broadleaf control at this time.
  • Winterization Treatment: Right before the ground freezes and grass goes dormant, your lawn needs one last treatment to help it prepare for winter and thrive next spring. This last treatment in our program is applied somewhere between mid-October and mid-December.
With this regimen created for Ohio lawns, you know that your grass will be as healthy and lush as it can be, and you can enjoy your healthy lawn throughout the summer months. Are you ready to get started? Now is the time to begin your lawn care program with Lawn Plus. To get a free quote for our annual fertilization applications or a one-time service, contact Lawn Plus at (937) 839-5296. We serve the Ohio communities of Dayton, Eaton, and the surrounding areas.   photo credit: Mow via photopin (license)