You may think that once winter hits, lawn care is on hold until spring; you can just kick back and relax. Not quite! While it’s true there is a lot less lawn maintenance in the winter, there are still some things to consider. Continue reading to learn more from the team at Lawn Plus LLC.

The Dos and Don'ts of Winter Lawn Care

Keep off the Cold Grass

Grass blades become extremely fragile in the bitterly cold winters of Ohio. The frost that covers everything at this time of year can make everything look quite beautiful. However, when your grass is frozen or covered with ice, it loses its flexibility and the blades become more brittle. Driving or walking on frozen lawns can cause the grass to die. As a result, damaging the grass will make it more difficult for it to recover in the spring, especially if the blades are crushed or broken.

Keep Sidewalks Safe

Snow and ice on driveways and walks can endanger the safety of your family, yet some ice-melting treatments can harm your landscape. Rock salt and other items contain sodium, which can drain the water from grass plants, causing them to turn brown and eventually die. Instead, think about using calcium chloride or a magnesium mixture.

Keep Spring in Mind

It’s crucial to understand that roots can continue to grow even when it’s too cold for grass blades to grow. Even when the grass blades aren’t growing, grass plants are still storing and processing nutrients. Lawns need to store a lot of nutrients to get through the winter, much like a bear preparing for hibernation. The continually fluctuating winter temperatures in Ohio can cause lawns that do not receive enough nutrients to deteriorate. A winterizing application will not only provide the grass with sufficient nutrients to keep it fed throughout the winter, but it will also strengthen the root system and speed up spring growth.

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