Many people welcome the arrival of the fall season. Whether you’re enjoying cooler temperatures or you’re beginning the countdown to the holiday season, fall certainly brings about changes for Dayton area homeowners. When it comes to lawn maintenance, many people are ready to throw their hands in the air and say, “I quit!” But don’t give up quite yet. Fall is an important season for your lawn. Here’s how you can make the most of it:
  • Aerate. You can rent an aerator, or have a lawn care professional do this step for you if you don’t want to hassle with it. Aerating your lawn gives it room to breathe and allows your fall fertilizers, seeds, and moisture to get down to the roots.
  • Fertilize. Find a fall fertilizer that’s blended for your lawn’s fall and winter needs. Roger Cook from recommends, “I use a high-phosphorus fertilizer to stimulate root growth; but you should let the soil test determine the best mix for your conditions.”
  • Overseed. If your lawn looks patchy or you want to thicken it up for next spring, consider seeding your lawn as well.
  • Remove leaves. Don’t allow fallen leaves to stay on your lawn through the winter. Farmers Almanac online says, “When grass becomes buried beneath smothering layers of leaves, it is deprived of the air, water, and nutrients it needs to survive, and it becomes a breeding ground for fungi and insects.”
  • Mow one last time. Don’t give up mowing quite yet! Roger Cook gives the following advice: “After leaves have fallen, cut the grass back to 1½ inches for its long winter’s nap.”
If you’re unsure of what to do or want a professional to take care of your lawn for you, call Lawn Plus LLC of Dayton, OH at (937) 839-5296.  Lawn Plus LLC is an Ohio company committed to creating and maintaining beautiful lawns year-round. We can take care of all or part of your fall lawn maintenance needs. Give our office a call today, or fill out our online contact form.