Looking to take your lawn to the next level? Have you considered an aeration service? If not, you definitely should. Aerating your yard comes with several benefits like healthier grass and less compacted soil. This season, let the pros Lawn Plus LLC provide you with quality aeration and lawn care.

Why You Should Schedule an Aeration Service

Healthier Grass

Aerating your grass lets essential nutrients, water, sunlight, and oxygen penetrate and reach your lawn’s root system. This will encourage a strong and deep root system, resulting in a lush, green lawn that is better able to resist the invasion of weeds and grasses.

Helps with Thatch

Forming at the base of grass plants, where stems meet roots and soil, thatch is a mix of dead and living plant material. While a small amount of thatch is beneficial, anything above half of an inch must be removed since it reduces the quantity of sunlight, water, and nutrients that reach the soil.

Better Soil

This is especially important if your lawn gets a lot of foot traffic. Pulling out plugs of soil relieves the stress and tension on your lawn. If you don’t relieve the compacted soil, new growth will be much more difficult, and your grass could start to dry up. If your soil is compacted, your lawn will experience runoff, which means that water won’t be able to permeate through the deep soil layer when it rains or when you water it.

Fosters New Growth

Before fertilizing or overseeding a lawn, it is advised that homeowners aerate their grass. This is because it allows the seeds to take hold and penetrate the soil more easily. Aerating your lawn also provides adequate room for the root system of your grass to thrive.

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