During the winter, pest control does not need to be a tedious task. There are a few simple things you can do around the house to keep pests and rodents at bay. Start by following these tips from the team at Lawn Plus LLC.

Winter Pest Control Tips

Seal Cracks and Openings

Making your home pest-proof for the winter can help a lot. By removing cold air entry points, you’ll also lower your energy costs. Spend some time walking around the exterior of your house and looking for gaps around windows and doors. Any cracks or openings bigger than a quarter-inch wide should be sealed. Cockroaches and larger rodents, like mice and rats, may squeeze through extremely narrow openings.

Store Wood Away from the House

A pile of firewood is a favorite home for insects and rodents. Despite being typical practice, stacking firewood directly up against the exterior of your home is a bad idea since it will inevitably attract termites. You’ll be far less likely to have bug issues if you store your firewood far from your house and check it before bringing any pieces inside.

Keep Your Home Tidy

During the winter, rodents, like mice and rats, are more prone to break into your home in search of food. To keep cockroaches at bay, keep your kitchen clean and make sure that food is kept in airtight containers. Remember that termites and other pests feed on damp wood, so make sure to take care of moisture control as well.

Maintain Balanced Moisture Levels

Pests are drawn to wet locations because they require water much like humans do. You’re more likely to have termites in your garage, basement, or attic if such areas are damp. If moisture is a problem, think about installing a dehumidifier in these places and take preventative termite control measures. You’ll also need to address any other root issues if there is a leak of some kind that is causing standing water.

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