mole-factsIf the ground looks mushy and unsightly, many factors could be contributing to your unhealthy yard. However, a group of dirt mounds across a lawn usually has one direct source—moles. These velvety mammals are notorious pests for homeowners. Moles burrow in a lawn and subsequently raise molehills while destroying your property. They can also damage or kill plants by undermining the roots. Have you been trying to treat a mole problem with various home remedies? Often times, these remedies are unsuccessful because they are only temporary methods. Moles will avoid ultrasonic devices and chemicals by colonizing elsewhere in your lawn. At Lawn Plus LLC, our team is dedicated to providing Dayton OH with mole control services that offer effective results.

Mole Control Dayton Ohio

Detecting moles can be tricky since they live in moist, shady areas and rarely surface above ground. The following are steps for detecting whether or not moles are inhabiting your yard:
  1. Check your lawn and garden for mounds or raised ridges.
  2. Mole tunnels often follow along a driveway, house foundation, or lawn border, so check these areas as well.
  3. Inspect your plants. Since moles eat grubs and earthworms, any visible tears on your plants are most likely from gophers, not moles.

Pest Control Dayton

Aside from protecting your yard against moles, the professionals at Lawn Plus LLC are experienced at insect and pest control. Fleas and ticks present a major problem for homeowners if the family pet roams outdoors. For more information about our insect and pest control, contact us at (937) 839-5296.