This spring, the Dayton area has experienced some unusually low temperatures and late frosts. As a result, many otherwise healthy lawns are now blighted with brown patches. If your lawn and landscape are damaged from late frosts, contact Lawn Plus LLC for tips on how to revive them. 

Repair Frost Damage

Frost Damage

During the spring, trees and shrubs tend to experience rapid growth. As new growth is formed, blooms, grasses, and new branches are particularly susceptible to frost damage. Most plants are rather hardy and can tolerate temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s, but temperatures in the mid-20s or below can damage plants. 

Symptoms of Freeze Damage

Signs of freeze (i.e. frost) damage may not appear until a few days after a frost. If you notice shriveling and browning or blackening of grasses, leaves, and blooms within a few days of a frost, it is likely a result of frost damage. Generally, the damaged area will grow limp and drop from the tree or shrub.

What Should I Do?

Fortunately, healthy trees, shrubs, and grasses will often take care of the damage on their own. Trees and shrubs typically leaf out to replace the initial growth, and grass will grow out on its own. Some ornamental plants, however, require corrective pruning to remove the damage and maintain the plant’s health and appearance. Additionally, keeping these plants well watered and fertilized will aid the recovery of new and old plants alike.

Pruning the Damage

As mentioned above, some ornamental plants will require corrective pruning to remediate freeze damage. Do not prune your plants until you are certain the risk of another frost has passed. Additionally, each plant requires a unique style and amount of pruning based on when and how it blooms. If you are unsure of how and when to prune your plants, call Lawn Plus for help. Our team of lawn care experts and certified arborists will treat your plants to help them make a quick, effective recovery.

Invest in a Healthy Lawn Today

If your lawn and landscape have suffered from freeze damage, pest control problems, or simple neglect, contact the lawn care experts at Lawn Plus today at (937) 839-5296. We offer a variety of lawn care, shrub and tree care, and pest control services in Dayton, Eaton, and the surrounding areas. We will assess your lawn’s specific needs and create a customized, affordable plan tailored specifically for your lawn.