One of the best things about summer is taking advantage of everything being in full bloom, especially those beautiful trees you’ve grown to love in your yard. They provide shade for outdoor gatherings in the summer and give your house a cozy feeling all year long. Additionally, most homeowners prefer to have mature trees on their property and believe it increases home value. We know you want to keep your trees around and healthy for years to come, and Lawn Plus LLC‘s tree care services is here to help you do exactly that.

Caring for Your Trees in the Summer

Pest Management

At Lawn Plus LLC, we provide a variety of lawn treatments, including tree-specific pest control. We combat pests from two angles: prevention and eradication. If your trees have pests, like spider mites or Emerald Ash Borers, we can develop a specific treatment that will help you get rid of them and maybe even give your trees a second chance at life. We also want to do our part to ward off pests. Therefore, we can provide you with pest prevention solutions, so you won’t have to worry about those bothersome pests coming back.

Disease Prevention & Control

In Ohio, your trees could contract everything from mildew to apple scab, and no one likes seeing symptoms of a diseased tree in their yard. When their trees start losing their leaves or becoming an odd color out of season, many homeowners are at a loss for what to do. Don’t give up if you notice signs that a tree isn’t doing well. Instead, let our team examine your tree so that we can create a strategy to help you combat the disease and get your tree back to its former glory.

Deep Root Fertilization

Finally, to provide your trees with a little more nutrition this summer, consider deep-root fertilization. Our team has created a successful technique for enhancing your shrubs’ and trees’ resistance to damage when it comes to nutritional deficits. Our tree care staff uses fertilizers to boost the growth of healthy green plants through our strong root injection process.

Trees and shrubs add beauty to any home, but maintaining the health of these plants is a growing investment that often requires the careful attention of an expert. At Lawn Plus LLC, our experts are here to help. Contact us at (937) 839-5296 to learn more about our lawn care and tree services.