As the temperatures drop this fall, you may begin to notice an increased number of pests invading your home. Mice, insects, and other intruders are looking for a warm place to hide out during the winter, and your basement or pantry is incredibly enticing. If you notice any of the following intruders in your home, call Lawn Plus LLC. We will effectively treat your home and lawn to eliminate your pest problem for good.

Spider Control


Spiders are a year-round issue for many homeowners. Fall, however, is the mating season for most species of spiders, making them more prevalent than at other times of the year. During the fall, you may notice an abundance of webs popping up and creepy, eight-legged invaders throughout your home. To keep the spiders at bay, frequently remove their webs and turn off exterior lights at night as the lights attract insects, which in turn attract more spiders searching for their dinners.


While most parents worry about their children bringing head lice or a stomach virus home from school, bedbugs are actually a major problem during the school year. You see, bedbugs are opportunistic in nature and will gladly hop from person to person in search of a meal. Bedbugs spread quickly in schools and will rapidly infest your home if not detected immediately. If you notice itchy bites on you or your loved ones, contact us immediately to schedule pest control treatment. There is no effective way to manage this infestation on your own


Unfortunately, bugs are not the only ones trying to enter your home this fall. Mice are notorious for invading homes in the fall. As the temperatures drop, mice will climb walls and find the smallest of cracks in your home in search of warmth. Once inside, mice will invade your pantry, chew electrical wiring and insulation, leave droppings throughout your home, and rapidly multiply. At the first sign of a mouse problem, set traps and call in the professionals. 

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In addition to spiders, bedbugs, and mice, the experts at Lawn Plus offer a wide array of indoor and outdoor pest control services. Additionally, we provide Dayton and the entire Miami Valley area with our lawn care, tree and shrub care, and land clearing services. For more information, call our office in West Alexandria today at (937) 839-5296.