Have you recently noticed small brown spots on your lawn? Do patches of your grass seem not firmly rooted in the ground? If you’ve been having these lawn-care issues, you may have a grub infestation. Let us at Lawn Plus LLC of Dayton, OH help outline what grubs are and go over your lawn pest control options.

What is a grub?

Experts describe grubs as a white, crescent-shaped larvae of a beetle (beetle type can vary)—usually about a half inch in size. Grubs are found within the soil. grub

How do I know if I have a grub problem?

As previously mentioned, patches of brown grass in your lawn as well as loose sod could indicate a grub issue. Additionally, the presence of beetles in your lawn is also a possible indicator, since beetles lay their eggs in the soil. If you dig into a square-foot patch and count more than 10 grubs, you definitely want to call a lawn pest control expert.

Why are grubs bad for a lawn?

Because they burrow and feed below ground, an abundance of grubs can destroy a lawn’s root system. Also, some birds and small mammals can destroy lawns trying to dig up grubs for food.

How do I get rid of the grubs?

If you have a lawn pest control issue with grubs, then you need to have professional lawn services. Getting rid of grubs requires treatment below the soil. Ongoing lawn maintenance is also important to ensure a healthy lawn, which can better withstand these lawn pests. Dayton, OH residents concerned about the presence of grubs can contact Lawn Plus LLC at (937) 839-5296. We are experts at lawn pest control and lawn services, from aeration and seeding to fertilization. Our technicians can help you assess your grub concerns and make a plan for ongoing pest control. photo credit: robstephaustralia via photopin cc