Trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape in the Dayton, Ohio area. However, sometimes trees fall victim to disease, are harmed by storms, or suffer other damage, and need to be removed. After a tree is removed, you, the homeowner are left with a stump and a choice to make. Is removing a stump really necessary, or could you just leave it? At Lawn Plus LLC, we encourage homeowners to take advantage of our stump grinding and removal services and here is why:

Is Tree Stump Removal Necessary?

Stumps May Reduce Your Property Value

In a beautiful neighborhood filled with mature trees, a stump can be a real eyesore. Leaving it to rot can make your yard look messy and uncared for, and your HOA may even require that you remove it. It also takes up valuable space in your yard that you could be putting to better use. Removing the old stump frees up space to plant a new tree, set up a picnic table, or make it a safe area for kids to play.

Stumps Can Be a Safety Hazard

In addition to lowering your property value, stumps can also pose a number of safety risks to anyone in your yard. Depending on the size of the stump, individuals may trip and fall over stumps or left over roots. Stumps can also invite unwanted pests and diseases in your yard that can cause damage to other areas in your home. Pests, like carpenter ants or termites, are naturally attracted to stumps. They may even migrate to your home, causing even more damage.

Stumps Can Regrow

Finally, did you know that a tree stump may retain its ability to sprout new growth? These new sprouts can ruin your landscape and make it more difficult and costly to remove the stump, as they’ve likely established new roots. It’s best to avoid this “zombie tree” situation, and fully remove the tree stump and its roots.

At Lawn Plus LLC., we provide stump removal and grinding services to the residents of Dayton and beyond. To schedule an assessment for your stump, contact us at (937) 839-5296.