As you step outside your Dayton area home in the morning, you may have noticed that winter is well on its way. No longer are mornings just a little chilly. They are now downright cold, and it’s time to pull out the winter coats, hats, and gloves! Along with this change in your attire, it’s also time to change your lawn care routine. Put away your lawn care tools for the season and get your lawn ready for winter. Not sure where to start? Check out these tips from Lawn Plus LLC.

Winterizing Lawn Tips

Keep It Clean

If you haven’t already, now is the time to put away any seasonal gear or toys that your family typically uses in the warmer months. Store your patio furniture, kiddie pools, soccer goals, and anything else that you won’t be using until spring. Additionally, it’s important to clear away any leaves soon after they fall to prevent your lawn from suffocating or contracting diseases.

Let It Rest

Once you’ve cleared off your lawn for the season, try your best to stay off of it as much as possible when it is frosted and dormant. In the winter, your lawn takes a break from growth and production, putting it at risk from damage if it’s walked on too much while frosted. Even strong grass can become weak if the same path is walked on too many times.

Protect against Pests

Finally, as the temperatures drop, you may notice an increased number of pests invading your home. Mice, insects, and other intruders are looking for a warm place to hide out during the winter, and your basement or pantry is incredibly enticing. So, as you prepare your lawn for winter, it’s important to schedule a pest-control treatment to protect your home from infestations.

For more lawn care and pest control tips this winter, contact the experts at Lawn Plus, LLC today at (937) 839-5296. We also encourage you fill out some information for an instant quote. We provide Dayton and the entire Miami Valley area with lawn care, tree and shrub care, and land clearing services.