You’ve set a good foundation this spring for a lush, vibrant lawn—now you want to keep it that way! Each Ohio summer is a little different weather-wise, so you have to learn to be flexible with rising temperatures and varying amounts of rain. We at Lawn Plus LLC want to pass along a few summer lawn care tips to keep your grass as green as can be.

1. Continue your fertilization schedule.

Summer is an important time of year to stick to your fertilization program, especially when it comes to insect and grub control. Plus, an end-of-summer treatment becomes essential for restoring any lawn nutrients that may have been lost when you did get a rough patch of high temps and no rain. However, resist the urge to over-fertilize if your grass starts getting a bit brown.

2. Give your lawn a drink.

Irrigation is an important part of lawn care. Make sure your lawn gets about one inch of water per week, with maybe a bit more during hotter, drier parts of the summer. When you’re getting enough rain according to your rain gauge, don’t worry about turning on the sprinklers. However, if precipitation is sparse, supplement with watering the lawn.

3. Don’t water your lawn in the heat of the day.

Timing is everything! The best time of day to water your lawn is early in the morning, before temperatures get too high. This way, you avoid frying your grass and inhibit the growth of grass fungi.

4. Mow your grass higher.

Don’t bald your lawn in the summer. Taller grasses stand better chance of surviving in less rain and higher temperatures. Aim to mow at about 3 inches on average.

5. Don’t stress over your lawn.

If you feel like your lawn is maintaining you, rather than the other way around, contact a lawn-service professional to do the bulk of the labor for you. Summer is no time to be stressed, so hire a lawn care service and go enjoy the pool and barbecue. For lawn services in the Dayton, OH area, contact Lawn Plus LLC. We offer a wide range of lawn care services including lawn fertilization, insect control, aeration, and more. Call us today at (937) 839-5296 to get a quote on your summer lawn care.