Many Dayton homeowners fear the presence of termites in their homes- and rightly so. Termites can cause significant damage that can be hard to see until it’s too late. To limit the destructive damage that termites inflict, the experts at Lawn Plus LLC. offer a highly-effective, yearly termite service. Read on to learn more.

Termite Control Services

Termites 101

Many Ohio residents are not able to recognize termites. They tend to confuse the insects with other winged pests such as flying ants. However, termites do have a few differentiating features, such as straight antennae, equal-length wings, and a uniform waist. If you notice insects on your property, a quick Google search should help you identify termites.

Signs of Termite Infestation

Even if you know what a termite looks like, you still might miss an infestation because you’re more likely to see the signs of termites rather than the insects themselves. Check your home’s exterior for mud tubes as these are often a sign that termites have taken up residence. Some other common signs are damaged wood, peeling paint, and piles of discarded termite wings leftover from swarms.

Termite Control Services

If your home has termites, it’s best to start treatment right away before they literally eat through your house. At Lawn Plus LLC, our experts have developed a protocol that is very effective at ridding your home of termites before more damage can be done. We use bait stations strategically placed around your home’s foundation to eliminate the existing subterranean termite colonies. This protocol is also effective in preventing the formation of future colonies on your property.

Lawn Plus stands on the front lines of protecting your home with our termite control and other pest treatment plans. We offer affordable, flexible services, and we never charge a start-up fee. Contact us today at (937) 839-5296 for an appointment.