Unwanted tree stumps in your yard can be a real eyesore and a potential hazard. If you’ve been procrastinating stump removal, late fall and winter might just be the ideal time to finally get the job done. Today on the blog, your friends at Lawn Plus LLC are discussing the top four reasons why these colder seasons are the best time to remove those stubborn stumps, providing you with an easier and more efficient experience.

Top 4 Reasons to Grind Your Stumps in the Fall

1. Reduced Pest Activity

Many pests and insects are less active during the late fall and winter months. This means that when you remove a tree stump during this time, you’re less likely to encounter pest infestations that can be a nuisance and cause damage to your property. Additionally, without the foliage to shelter them, pests are more exposed and easier to control.

2. Faster Decomposition

Winter’s freezing temperatures can help expedite the natural decomposition process of tree stumps. As the ground freezes and thaws, the expansion and contraction can cause the wood fibers in the stump to break down more rapidly. This can make it easier to extract the stump and reduce the likelihood of it regrowing.

3. Safety and Visibility

In the late fall and winter, many deciduous trees have shed their leaves, providing a more precise line of sight and reducing the risk of hidden obstacles. This makes it safer to work on stump removal projects as you can better assess the surrounding area, avoiding any potential hazards.

4. Availability of Professional Services

Finally, because late fall and winter are typically less busy seasons for tree service professionals and arborists, you may have an easier time scheduling stump removal service, and you might even get a more competitive rate due to decreased demand. Plus, experts in the field are well-prepared for the challenges presented by winter conditions.

There’s no better time than late fall and winter to tackle removing unwanted tree stumps from your property. At Lawn Plus, our full-service business provides stump removal and grinding services to Miami Valley. Contact us today at (937) 839-5296 or request an instant quote online.