Did you know winter is the ideal time to clear and excavate your property? Lawn Plus LLC offers tree and stump removal as well as brush-clearing services in Dayton and the surrounding Miami Valley areas. No matter what you envision for your property, we will work alongside you to bring your vision to life. 

Land Clearing and Excavation

Land Clearing and Excavation

At Lawn Plus, we offer year-round land clearing and excavation services. Our staff is trained and equipped to completely eliminate trees and stumps from your property, regardless of the weather. Furthermore, we also offer year-round brush-clearing and excavation services. Homeowners frequently request these services for the following reasons:

  • Garden plot preparation
  • Fence line clearing
  • Clearing overgrown pastures
  • Lot clearing
  • Pond installation prep
  • Trail clearing
  • Excavation for new homes, driveways, etc.

Benefits of Winter Land Clearing

Most folks think lawn and landscape work has to wait until the ground thaws. While this is true in most cases, winter is actually the best time of year for land clearing! Here’s why:

  1. The ground is frozen. Freezing temperatures make the ground nice and solid. As such, the land is less muddy and better able to support heavy equipment.
  2. Good use of time. Preparing your land during the dormant winter months creates more time for landscaping, farming, etc., once the weather breaks.
  3. Preserves the soil. There is usually less precipitation and runoff during the winter. Thus, excavating during the winter takes advantage of the dry conditions and gives the soil more time to settle.
  4. Minimizes soil damage. Most plants enter a state of dormancy during the winter. Removing them during dormancy lessens damage caused to the land and soil.
  5. Snow preserves soil. Excavating with snow on the ground provides an extra layer of protection for the soil. While a significant amount of snow is problematic, a few inches is actually ideal for preserving the soil.

Free Quote

Call today at (937) 839-5296 for more information about clearing your property, or request a free quote online. In addition to land clearing, we also offer regular residential lawn services, tree care, insect and pest services, and more. Whether your yard needs a little TLC or a lot of attention, Lawn Plus has the skills and equipment to tackle the job.